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He's a photographer, and he photographs small business owners for us, for our annual report, for all our advertisements, pretty much everything.

He was referred to me as someone local who could replicate the look and feel of executive headshots that someone near our California office had taken. Not only did he replicate the look, he tripled it, he made it shine so much more, so I've been working with him ever since.

Most the time they adore him. I don't see how you could possibly not be at ease with Paul around. There's no way to feel uncomfortable and stiff and stuffy when you're dealing with Paul because he just doesn't create that kind of atmosphere.

All I can say is trust him, he knows what he's doing. There have been times when he will identify an angle or a ray of light coming through a window and I won't quite see the shot. Then, as soon as he shows me on his laptop I think to myself, boy, you really know what you're doing and I don't, so I trust you!

We have a lot of difficult people, we work with bankers and small businesses that don't really have time to take out of their day to meet with him. So he's persistent and he's friendly and charming, so I think he pretty much can make anybody feel comfortable and just sort of forget about anything else.

Paul asks questions to bring each person's personality out of them. He puts them at ease in front of the camera by asking questions about family, hobbies, things like that and he gets to know them personally.

The results are amazing and we use him for every piece of marketing we have.  

Dynamic, he's fantastic. He's the only photographer I will turn to.

I would have to say the biggest thing about Paul is he makes everybody feel very comfortable.

We sell people services, legal services, but their people, and they’re lawyers build relationships, so their clients need to feel very comfortable with them, and Paul has a way of making that come out in his photographs.

They're wonderful, we get asked a lot about you who did your head shots, who does your photography. I love recommending him, not only because of the final product, but because of the way he works with the attorneys. Attorneys can be difficult sometimes to work with, and he really puts them at easy, which helps me. Obviously he's representing me to some extent by working with the lawyers, that always makes me comfortable that I know he can work with them really well.

Everybody feels like they know Paul by the time they're done with their picture. He includes them in the selection of pictures after he’s done which everybody has really liked.

He just puts people at ease. And for photography, if people are comfortable being themselves, then I think that's what you're trying to capture. To me, that's one of his greatest strengths.

Results are awesome, the color that comes out of them. He just does a fabulous job.

People look natural. People look comfortable. We want them to look professional, obviously, but there's an edge of softness and approachability in the photos of the lawyers that we have, and that's really important to us. It' s part of who we are. He's great. He's the ultimate professional, but again, not so business minded that you don't feel at ease with him. Again, it's just nice to be able to send him into any any situation, knowing that he's gonna be able to handle the situation really well.

Paul's work is always right on target. It's what we need, It’s what we're looking for, and its great work.

We never have to worry about things coming in on time, things coming in the way we need them. If we ask him to do something a certain way, it's done that way, no questions asked. We get it when we need it.

He's awesome. Love him. He's a great guy. Makes you feel very comfortable. Just a great guy.

He enjoys what he does, and as a result, that comes through. And the people that he's taking the shoots for, they're having a good time, he's having a good time. How can you lose!?

I met Paul at a Legal Marketing Association meeting years ago, and knew him for several years before I hired him to be the photographer for our law firm.

First experience was great. He was quick and efficient, obviously knew what he was doing, which was very much appreciated by the lawyers, because lawyers don't have a lot of time. They want things to go quickly, and they also like it when somebody is an expert in what they're doing.

The results are great. The pictures, I think, turn out fantastically.

We've been very happy with them. We were using another photographer who did nice job but they really weren't our style. Paul seems to have come in and picked up on our style very quickly. What works for our brand, what works for our lawyers. The pictures are natural looking. They're very professional looking and just very attractive.  All in all, I think Paul is great, I like working with him. He's very easy to work with. He's very accommodating. He's very quick to reply, very responsive. Comes in and does the job quickly, which is great for our lawyers, and the product that we're left with is exceptional.

Paul is very responsive. Paul turns around the final photos very quickly. Then he always checks to make sure that everything is okay, which is really wonderful to make sure that it turned out the way you wanted it to turn out. That you're satisfied with the quality. He is concerned about the fact that you feel like you got value for the money that you paid. He acts professionally, he does his job professionally, he provides professional service and it delivers a professional product.

I met Paul through the Association of Legal Administrators, Mile High Chapter. I have been working with him for several years.

I like the fact that when I bring him in to do these photo shoots, I'm nowhere near the action. He knows what he's doing. I trust his work and I can go on about my day knowing that he’s going to take care my folks and do a great job.

He's followed me with a couple different firms, and in each of them, I have had very specific standards that we require for all of our photographs because of so many attorneys, we want all of the pictures to look, at least, somewhat the same. He’s never has issued matching anything. He does a great job every time. The other thing too, is that he is an artist, and he balances his expectations with the expectations of the client. Ya know, we always win in the sense that even if he would like to do it differently, based on his artistic ability, he will always defer to what our needs are, which is a great thing.

He's willing to do whatever it takes. He's a great guy, great professional, very easy to work with. He’s going to provide you great service at a reasonable price. You know that the qualities going to be there time and time again.

To me, he is the whole package in the sense that I deal with a lot of vendors in my job and he provides high-quality product time and time again.  I trust him, I know that he's going to show up and do quality work time and time again. It provides me the ability to not have to be involved in this piece which is always what I'm looking for because I have many other things that I need to focus on.