About Paul Hartmann

30+Years of Experience in Business Photography in Denver, Colorado

Hello, I am Paul Hartmann. I have over 30+ years of experience in business photography in Denver, Colorado, and possess the innate ability to capture the essence in people through their portraits. Here are my qualifications.

BFA in Illustrative Photography

I know a thing or two about the first-rate portraiture. I received my BFA in Illustrative Photography, and for more than 30+ years and have taken outstanding executive portraits for use in advertisements, annual reports, and websites.

Specialize in Annual Report Photography

I specialize in Annual Report Photography and in revealing the art in architectural interiors and exteriors. I will do anything for a great shot. My talent, hard work, passion for the field, and, most importantly, the goodwill of people that I have worked with have gained me nationwide recognition. I'm humbled and, at the same time, take pride in my achievements.

My Achievements

  • Five Annual Show Awards from the prestigious Art Directors Club of Metropolitan Washington, DC


  • Senator Bob Dole
  • Governor Ann Richards
  • Senator George Mitchell
  • Rock and Roll Legend - Ted Nugent

Favorite Assignment

My favorite assignment was shooting the cover of Ted Nugent's book God, Guns, & Rock' N' Roll at a ranch in rural Virginia.

Ted Nugent book cover for "God, Guns and Rock & Roll".

Favorite Shots

My favorite shots include conceptual still-life images and especially the photograph of New York City's Times Square, which was taken during the Y2K New Year's ceremony (the photo was used in a two-page spread in a Marriott Annual Report).

Executive photography of close up of a person adjusting a tie with a red shirt.

Why Choose Me?

Know the Nuances of Photography

I know the nuances of effective posing, composition, and lighting. Because, unlike no other photographer, I can help you relax, so that your personality will shine through a still-life image.

Avid Learner

Though I'm highly skilled behind the lens, I don't rest on my laurels. Instead, I continually hone my craft, and my considerable expertise behind the camera has enabled me to make the subjects of his photos. Both famous people and executive professionals alike, look merely terrific.

I sincerely believe that a first-rate professional portrait can help convince others in the business community that my line of photography is trustworthy. I work with each client to achieve this.


China Callif and McClean Guthrie

He's a photographer, and he photographs small business owners for us, for our annual report, for all our advertisements, pretty much everything.

He was referred to me as someone local who could replicate the look and feel of executive headshots that someone near our California office had taken. Not only did he replicate the look, he tripled it, he made it shine so much more, so I've been working with him ever since.

Angie, Lisa and Libby

I would have to say the biggest thing about Paul is he makes everybody feel very comfortable.

We sell people services, legal services, but their people, and they're lawyers build relationships, so their clients need to feel very comfortable with them, and Paul has a way of making that come out in his photographs.

Connie Prouix

I met Paul at a Legal Marketing Association meeting years ago, and knew him for several years before I hired him to be the photographer for our law firm.

First experience was great. He was quick and efficient, obviously knew what he was doing, which was very much appreciated by the lawyers, because lawyers don't have a lot of time. They want things to go quickly, and they also like it when somebody is an expert in what they're doing.

Jason McCord

I met Paul through the Association of Legal Administrators, Mile High Chapter. I have been working with him for several years.

I like the fact that when I bring him in to do these photo shoots, I'm nowhere near the action. He knows what he's doing. I trust his work and I can go on about my day knowing that he's going to take care my folks and do a great job.